Meet The Muses


Anndi was born and raised in Los Angeles where she has been working as a voice over artist since about the age of 10. When she was 18 years old she was diagnosed with Gaucher Disease, a chronic lysosomal storage disease affecting the blood and bones. Anndi is passionate about women’s health and learning to listen to our bodies and trust ourselves! She believes in loving your body, no matter what cards you were dealt, and that support and empathy from other women is such an essential part of our paths to health and happiness. She is thrilled to be a part of FitMuses and is honored to provide that support to other women.

Anndi lives life to the fullest. She loves traveling, her career, laughing her butt off, the opera, and ANYTHING ROMANTIC. She is a hopeless romantic (a true Libra?) and sometimes her poor boyfriend has to just go along with all her crazy romantic adventures! In fact, Anndi is now wondering what’s “next” for her relationship. Living together? Marriage?

Anndi’s favorite kinds of exercises take place outside in the (almost) fresh air. She loves hiking in the hills of Los Angeles, walking on the beach, and most recently, she is back in the gym lifting weights. She is committed to keeping her bones as healthy as she can. She is constantly looking for unique fitness clothing that can support her large top half (including the ever difficult to find swimwear). Gaucher Disease has a debilitating effect on her energy at times so learning to listen to her body and respecting when her body is able to exercise (and how much) is essential to having a healthy lifestyle.


Christie moved around a lot as a kid, but eventually wound up in Texas before settling permanently in Los Angeles. She now considers L.A. her home, but she has no other family out there, so her friends are her family and those friendships are extremely important to her. Living in the Land of Beautiful People can be tough on a girl's self-esteem, and Christie is very familiar with the battle between striving for perfection and learning to love and accept one's self as is. She is a huge advocate for women's health and believes that we are, and need to be, the experts when it comes to our own bodies. No one has your own best interest at heart as much as you do!

Christie played sports growing up and started running at the age of 14 for fitness. As she's gotten older she's incorporated weight training into her routine as a way to stay strong and flexible, and can be found in the gym most mornings. She does less running these days, due to bad knees, but still enjoys the occasional 5 or 10K fun run or adventure course. She considers her biggest achievements to be completing a marathon and placing in the women's top 20 for Volkslauf, a 10K run on a marine base with more than 70 obstacles! She loves the outdoors and living in Southern California provides the perfect opportunity to exercise in nature.

After a long break from the dating scene, Christie is ready to get back on the ol' bandwagon and start dating again, with an eye towards an actual, honest-to-god relationship (commitment--eep!). your thirties...? GAH! This will be an adventure... She recently quit her job of 8-1/2 years working in Corporate America to try to find something in a more creatively satisfying field. LA is the right city for it, but the entertainment industry has taken a hit in this economy along with everyone else. Did she make a mistake leaving a tedious but secure job with benefits for something more fulfilling but completely uncertain? Only time will tell...