How It Works

Do any of the following statements sound like you?

  • I know I need to put aside time to exercise... BUT I need motivation to take time out my hectic schedule.
  • I love to exercise... BUT I get so bored/time drags by.
  • I hate exercising... BUT I know I have to. How do I make exercising less tedious?
  • I love exercising with my girlfriends! Their stories and energy make the time fly by

  • ...BUT none of them are available right now.

We have thought the same things. We get it!

No more “BUTS”. Now there’s FitMuses. Anytime. Anywhere.

On the FitMuses app home page, click on a FitMuse that you relate to or want to try. Each woman is totally unique with a different lifestyle, exercise preferences, challenges, and journey! Each FitMuses posts a FitCast at least 3 times a week for about 20 minutes each-whenever she has a lot of interesting stories to share. The newest FitCasts are posted at the top. FitCasts are full of inspirational, motivational, and juicy stories and anecdotes that revolve around things women enjoy sharing with each other. It’s like having your best girlfriend work out with you! And if you have something to add to the Femversation? Sign in with your Facebook account and join in! The FitMuses will respond to you in future FitCasts. This is about supporting each other as we all journey to find health and happiness!